The Project


The Concept

The Stream is the visual representation of the link between emotions and colors.  The artwork intends to explore the concepts of emotion and identity in a fluid and rapidly changing reality, an interconnected world in which the use of technology creates a kind of new digital identity, a different way of socializing and representing oneself towards others. Identity understood as memory of the emotional experiences that reveal who we are, our emotions in our memories. Choosing a meaningful image and a color expressing our emotion makes the interaction with the artwork a process of meditation on our own emotional condition.


PLUTCHIK and the Psycho-evolutionary theory of emotions (1958)

The basic assumptions of the Plutchik model, is well exposed in the “Psychology and Emotion Biology” (1995).

Plutchik defines a set of 8 primary emotions: “Joy,” “Trust,” “Fear,” “Estonishment” “Sadness,” “Disgust,” “Anger,” “Curiosity”

The set of 8 basic emotions is extented till 24 emotions dipending on the intensity of any single emotion.

Visual representation of 24 emotions model

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KANDINSKY and the colors and emotion – The spiritual in the art (1910)

According to Kandinsky, a color can be hot or cold, light or dark and has 4 main sounds: warm-light, warm-dark, cold-light, cold-dark. You can also add multiple other shades or “movements” as a color can be centrifuged and then get out of the canvas, as well as centripetal, thus inducing emotions of introspection. And then still motionless so suggesting a sense of stability, against the instability of other colors. Hence our associations of color and emotion, brought to the model of Plutchick, are born.

Reference table of colore-emotion association:

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