Date of entry into force: Wednesday 8 March 2017.

Welcome to TheStream. TheStream is platform to contribute to an artwork called “The Stream”,  using the App you a user can take a photo or select an image, associate an emotion and share it within the stream.

  • Our Privacy Policy explains how we share and protect information about our mobile services, the Web site, and any software provided on or in connection with TheStream services (collectively “Services”), as well as our choices regarding Collecting and using the user’s information.
  • By using our Services, you agree to understand and agree that we provide a platform to allow the publication of images associated with emotions (“binomial“)  on the Stream as well as the Public sharing of such User Content. The image will be colored with the color associated to the emotion that has been selected. Publishing a binomial within a stream means that other Users may search, view, use, or share User Content made publicly available through TheStream, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy Privacy and our Terms of Use (available at
  • Our Policy applies to all visitors, users, and other people accessing TheStream (“Users”).



We collect the following types of information.

Information provided directly by users:

• Username, password and email address provided during registration to obtain a TheStream account.

• Information provided for the user profile (eg name and surname, email address, gender and date of birth). This information allows us to help users find “TheStream”.

• User Content (such as photos, emotional associations, and other materials) that you have posted on the Services.

• Communication between the user and TheStream. For example, we may send to the service e-mail user (eg account verification, service / service updates / updates, technical or security notifications, or revision of the applicable rules here. Can not disable Receiving e-mails related to the Services. 

Information to find friends using TheStream:

• Choosing to invite someone to join TheStream via our “Tell a Friend” feature lets you select a person directly from your device’s contact list and send a message from your FaceBook, WhatsApp, SnapChat or other account . You agree to understand and agree to be liable for any charges applied to communications sent by your device and, as this invitation comes directly from your personal account, TheStream does not have access to or control that communication.


Information about statistical data:

We use third-party statistical tools that allow us to measure traffic and the usage trends of TheStream. These tools collect information sent by your device or our Services, including your visited Web pages, add-ons, and other information that will help us improve our Services. We collect and use this statistical information along with those from other Users so that they can not reasonably be used to identify a specific User.Cookie.

• When the user accesses Services, we may use similar cookies and technologies such as pixels, web beacons, and local storage to gather information about using TheStream and offer custom features.

• Learn more later in our “Cookies Policy” section.

Log file information:

• Log file information is automatically reported by the user’s browser whenever a login request (ie a visit) is made to a web page or an application. Additionally, they can be reported when the contents of a web page or an application are downloaded to the user’s browser or device.

• When the user uses our Services, our servers automatically store some log file information, including the Web request, Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, browser type, pages, and The source / exit URLs, the number of clicks, and the interaction mode with links to Services, domain names, landing pages, viewed pages, and other similar information. In addition, we can collect information from emails sent to our Users, which later help us trace what e-mail messages are opened and which links they click to recipients. This information allows us to produce more accurate reports and improve our services.


Device Identifiers:

  • When using a mobile device, such as a tablet or phone, to access TheStream, we have the ability to access, collect, monitor, store, and / or remotely store one or more “device identifiers “. Device identifiers are small data files or similar data structures stored on each user’s or associated mobile device, which uniquely identify the user’s mobile device. A device identifier may consist of data stored in relation to the hardware of the device, data stored in relation to the operating system or other device software or data sent to the device by TheStream.
  • A device identifier may provide information to us or a third party about how to navigate and use the Services from the user and may help us or others to provide custom reports or content and listings. Some features of the Services may not work correctly if the use or availability of device identifiers is compromised or disabled.


  • Generally, metadata is technical data associated with User Content. For example, metadata can describe how, when and by whom a User Content was collected and how that content is formatted.
  • Users can add or add metadata to their User Content, including hashtags (eg to tag keywords when publishing a photo), geotags (eg to mark the location of a photo) Comments or other data. In this way, User Content can be searched more easily by other people and more interactive. The application saves the geographic coordinates of the photo when it is clicked or uploaded to the server if it archives images. This is done using the APIs made available by the mobile operating system.



In addition to some of the specific uses of the information described in this Privacy Policy, we may use the information we receive for:

  • help you easily access your information after registration;
  • remember the information to prevent the user from re-entering it during a visit or after a visit to the Services;
  • offer, improve, test and monitor the effectiveness of our Services;
  • develop and test new functions;
  • monitor metrics such as total number of visitors, traffic, and demographic patterns;
  • diagnose or solve technological problems;
  • Automatically update the TheStream application on your device.



We do not rent or sell the user’s information to third parties outside of TheStream without the consent of the user, unless otherwise indicated in this Policy.

Parts with which we can share information:

  • We can share your information and information from tools such as cookies, log files, device identifiers, and location data, with third-party organizations that help us provide Services to users (“Service Providers”) . Our Service Providers will obtain access to your information as reasonably necessary to provide the Services themselves, based on reasonable privacy terms.
  • We can also share information structurally but in an anonymous form with external organizations so that they can carry out targeted market and / or sociological research.
  • We can remove data portals that allow you to identify the user and share anonymous data with other parties. In addition, we can combine your information with other information so that you no longer associate with the user and share that information in aggregate form.

Parts with which the user can choose to share the User Content:

  • Accepting these terms any information or content voluntarily disseminated by the user for publication on TheStream, such as the user’s binaries, becomes accessible to the public. Once you’ve shared the content of the user or made them public, they can be retrieved from others.
  • In accordance with your profile and privacy settings, all User Content made available by you will become searchable by other Users and will be subject to the defined use of TheStream.
  • If you remove published information about the Services, copies may remain visible on cached and archived pages of the Service or if other TheStream Users have copied or saved that information.

What happens if you change ownership of the company:

• In the event of a sale or partial or total transfer or transfer of the TheStream’s exploitation rights or of our assets to another company (eg in a transaction such as merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, liquidation) Your user’s information, such as name and email address, User Content, and any other information collected through the Services, may be sold or transferred. You will continue to be the owner of User Content. The buyer or the transferee will have to comply with our commitments in this Privacy Policy.

Compliance with Legal Requirements and Damage Prevention:

  • • We can access your information as well as keep it and share it in response to a legal claim (such as a search warrant, an injunction or a warrant) if we believe in good faith that the law requires us to do so. What this can include in response to requests from outside jurisdictions to the Italian or European Union, if we have reason to believe that this is made mandatory by the local law of the jurisdiction in question, concerns users who are responding to that jurisdiction and are compliant Internationally recognized standards. In addition, we can access and retain information and share it if we believe in good faith that this is necessary to: detect, prevent and handle fraud and other illegal activities; Protect ourselves, the user and other people, even in the context of any inquiries; Prevent events that may cause imminent physical damage or death. Information that we receive on the user can be made accessible, processed and retained for a prolonged period of time when they are the subject of a legal petition or requirement, government inquiries or investigations into possible violations of our terms or regulations, or Otherwise to avoid damage.


Storing and processing:

  • Information collected by the Services may be stored and processed in Italy or in other countries where TheStream or Service Providers have adequate facilities.
  • TheStream or Service Providers may transfer the information we collect from you, including your personal data, beyond the national borders and from the country or jurisdiction of you to other countries or jurisdictions around the world. If you reside in the United States or other geographical areas with data collection and use laws that are presumably different from the law of Italy or the European Union, we may transfer the information, including personal data, To countries or jurisdictions that do not provide the same copyright protection laws.
  • By registering and using the Services, you consent to the transfer of information in Italy or in other countries where TheStream or its Service Providers have appropriate facilities, and the use and disclosure of personal information as described in this Privacy Policy On privacy.
  • We use commercially reasonable security measures to try to protect the information collected through the Services and take reasonable steps (such as requesting a unique password) to verify the identity of the user before allowing access to the ” account. However, TheStream is not able to guarantee the security of the information transmitted on TheStream, nor does the information contained in the Services appear to be displayed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed.
  • We ask for the user’s cooperation in this regard. You are responsible for maintaining the privacy of your unique password and account information, as well as checking the user’s access to e-mail at TheStream at any time. Your privacy settings may also be affected by changes made to your services from social media linked to you by TheStream. We are not responsible for other features, privacy or security measures


Account and profile / privacy information settings:

  • You can update your account at any time by logging in and modifying your profile settings.
  • The user may cancel the subscription to the e-mails we have sent by clicking on the appropriate link provided in those communications. As noted above, you can not disable the receipt of service communications (such as checking your account, confirming and purchasing and invoicing remarks, changes / changes to Services, technical and security alerts).


User Content Retention Period:

• After you close or deactivate your user account, TheStream or your Service Providers may retain the information (including profile information) and User Content for a reasonable period of time from a commercial point of view Backup, archiving and / or verification.


TheStream does not collect or require information from users under the age of 14 and does not consciously allow such users to register with the Services. Services and related content are not addressed to children under the age of 14. If we realized that we have collected personal information of a child under the age of 14 without the consent of our parents, we will remove this information as soon as possible. If you feel that we are in possession of any information about a child / boy under the age of 14, please contact us.


Non siamo responsabili delle pratiche messe in atto da siti Web o servizi collegati ai nostri Servizi o da essi, inclusi informazioni o contenuti in essi presenti. Quando l’utente usa un link per spostarsi dai nostri Servizi a un altro sito Web o servizio, la nostra Normativa sulla privacy non trova applicazione su tali siti Web o servizi di proprietà di terzi. La navigazione e l’interazione su qualunque sito Web o servizio di terzi, inclusi quelli che presentano un link sul nostro sito Web, sono soggette alle regole e alle normative di tali soggetti terzi. Inoltre, l’utente prende atto del fatto che non siamo responsabili né abbiamo alcun controllo sui terzi autorizzati dall’utente stesso ad accedere ai Contenuti dell’utente. Se l’utente sta usando un sito Web o servizio di terzi a cui consente di accedere ai Contenuti dell’utente, lo fa a proprio rischio e pericolo.


If you are dead by a TheStream user, you should contact us. Generally, we send our communications via email; If we need more information, we will contact the person concerned with the email address provided in the request.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or Services, you can locate the appropriate support channel in our Help Center, whose email address is


TheStream si riserva la facoltà di modificare o aggiornare di tanto in tanto la presente Normativa sulla privacy, pertanto chiediamo all’utente di prenderne visione periodicamente. Potremo servirci di altre forme di comunicazione delle modifiche o degli aggiornamenti, secondo quanto necessario in base alle circostanze. L’uso ininterrotto di TheStream o dei Servizi a seguito di qualunque modifica alla presente Normativa sulla privacy costituirà l’accettazione da parte dell’utente di tali modifiche.


Cookies Policy


Su APP e sito vengono utilizzati cookies tecnici per la gestione delle sessioni di autenticazione, preferenze dell’utente e per il tracciamento del comportamento dell’utente sulle nostre piattaforme ai fini di analisi.

TheStream informa che utilizza cookies tecnici e cookies di terze parti quando gli utenti navigano attraverso le pagine del suo sito web La presente policy fornisce informazioni su cosa sono i cookies, su quali cookies utilizza TheStream e su come disattivare i cookies dal browser utilizzato per la navigazione.

Che cosa sono i cookies?

I “cookies” sono piccoli file di testo che un server può salvare sul disco rigido di un computer e che possono memorizzare alcune informazioni sull’utente. I cookies consentono al sito web di registrare l’attività dell’utente e di memorizzare le sue preferenze. I cookies aiutano ad analizzare l’interazione tra l’utente e il sito web e consentono una navigazione più fluida e personalizzata.

Quali tipi di cookies esistono?

In base alla sua durata un cookie può essere classificato come “di sessione” o “permanente”.

I cookies “di sessione” sono temporanei e scompaiono dal computer quando l’utente lascia il sito visitato o chiude il browser. Solitamente vengono memorizzati nella memoria cache del computer.
I cookies “permanenti” rimangono nel computer dell’utente anche dopo la chiusura browser e fino alla loro scadenza o fino a quando l’utente li elimina. La data di scadenza è determinata dal sito che li avvia. Sono spesso utilizzati per tracciare le abitudini dell’utente, in modo che quando l’utente rivisita il sito, questo legge le informazioni memorizzate e si adatta alle sue preferenze.

Che cookies utilizza TheStream?

TheStream utilizza cookies tecnici generati e utilizzati per il suo sito web e altri cookies esterni generati nelle pagine web da terze parti.
I cookies utilizzati in questo sito non identificano personalmente l’utente, che resta anonimo. TheStream può altresì registrare temporaneamente l’indirizzo IP (Internet Protocol) come identificativo del computer che accede alle proprie pagine web, per diagnosticare eventuali problemi con il server e per amministrare il suo sito web.
La visita a sito può generare i seguenti tipi di cookies:

Cookies interni di TheStream

Cookies “di sessione”: TheStream utilizza questi cookies per migliorare l’esperienza di navigazione dell’utente e l’interazione con il sito.

Cookies di terze parti

<![if !supportLists]>1.     <![endif]>A) Cookies statistici per analisi del traffico
TheStream utilizza i cookies di Google Analytics.
Finalità: analizzare i profili utente. Per ulteriori informazioni visitare.

Disabilitare i cookies

È possibile configurare il browser utilizzato per la navigazione per eliminare o per impedire l’installazione di cookies. L’utente può controllare quali cookies sono istallati, qual è la loro durata ed eliminarli. I passaggi per eseguire queste operazioni differiscono da browser a browser. Qui di seguito le guide per i browser più diffusi:
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
La disattivazione di alcuni cookies potrebbe ostacolare l’accesso a e il buon funzionamento delle pagine.

Google Analytics

Questo sito utilizza Google Analytics, un servizio di Web analytics fornito da Google, Inc.. Google Analytics fa uso dei cosiddetti “cookies”, file di testo che vengono memorizzati sul computer degli utenti e che permettono l’analisi dell’utilizzo della piattaforma da parte dell’utente. Per maggiori informazioni tecniche. Le informazioni generate dai cookie sull’attività dell’utente su questo sito vengono normalmente trasferite e immagazzinate su un server di Google negli Stati Uniti. L’anonimizzazione dell’indirizzo IP è attiva su questo sito e prevede l’abbreviazione da parte di Google degli indirizzo IP all’interno degli stati membri dell’Unione Europea e dei membri dell’Accordo sullo Spazio economico europeo. Soltanto in circostanze eccezionali l’indirizzo IP completo verrà trasferito al server di Google negli Stati Uniti e successivamente abbreviato. Per conto di TheStream, Google elaborerà queste informazioni per monitorare l’utilizzo del sito, generare report sulle attività compiute sul sito e fornire ulteriori servizi connessi all’utilizzo di internet e del sito. L’indirizzo IP del browser dell’utente rilevato da Google Analytics non verrà combinato a nessun altro dato in possesso di Google. TheStream utilizza Google Analytics anche per l’analisi e la creazione di profili di interesse per scopi di Remarketing (Rete Display di Google). A questo scopo Google utilizza dei Cookie (Cookie di terze parti). E’ possibile disattivare l’utilizzo dei cookie selezionando, sul tuo browser, le impostazioni che consentono di rifiutarli, tuttavia, in questo caso, è possibile che alcune funzioni del sito di TheStream non siano più disponibili. Inoltre, puoi impedire la raccolta e l’elaborazione dei dati generati dai cookie sull’utilizzo di questo sito (incluso il tuo indirizzo IP) scaricando e installando il seguente plug-in sul tuo browser.